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Applied Computational Sciences (ACS) develops and sells Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software tools for RF and microwave engineering applications.  ACS's main product is the LINC2TM linear circuit simulator and RF Tools products for the PC and compatibles running under the Windows operating system. 

LINC2 software from ACS offers high performance RF and microwave circuit design, synthesis, simulation and optimization.

LINC2 Features-

bulletAdvanced computer aided design automation at very affordable prices.  LINC2 not only has most of the power and features of simulation software costing thousands of dollars more, but in many cases it exceeds the analysis and synthesis capability of any leading EDA software anywhere, regardless of cost.
bullet Exact circuit synthesis automatically creates schematics for:

        Single or multi-stage linear amplifiers.

        Balanced amplifiers (including multi-stage balanced).

        Push-pull amplifiers (including multi-stage differential amps).

        Low noise amplifiers (LNAs) .

        Design passive components including directional couplers, high Q resonators, inductors and capacitors in microstrip and stripline.  LINC2 provides enhanced accuracy by modeling component losses in the metal and substrate material.


bullet New broadband and narrow band impedance matching network design- Specify Q, phase, low-pass, high-pass, or band-pass response characteristics.  Synthesize a wide variety of lumped and distributed topologies including balanced and single-ended networks.
bulletAdvanced optimization.  Set measurement goals and then invoke the new, easy to use, LINC2 optimizer to quickly realize the desired circuit responses.  A single menu click updates the circuit schematic with the optimized element values!

LINC2 Circuit Design and Synthesis- Click on the topic links below to see how quick and easy LINC2 can design the following types of RF and microwave circuits.

bullet Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) Design Using LINC2
bullet Single-stage and Multi-stage Linear Amplifier Design
bullet LINC2 Filter Synthesis

ACS delivers high performance state-of-the-art RF and microwave circuit design and simulation software for the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) marketplace.  In addition to circuit simulation and analysis, LINC2 Pro provides schematic capture and an integrated design environment that includes a suite of synthesis tools for automating the design of circuits from audio and HF (high frequency) to microwave and beyond.  Physical models for stripline and microstrip transmission line extend the accuracy to millimeter waves.  A wide range of applications are supported, from analog sub-circuit design to RF circuit design for complex wireless communications systems.

ACS offers circuit design, synthesis, simulation and optimization programs for the advanced engineering professional and first time CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) user alike.


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Last modified:  November 20, 2005