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Check out these links to magazine articles about LINC2:

bullet New High Frequency Electronics Magazine Article Highlights LINC2 LNA Design and Synthesis Capabilities: A Design Tool for Improving the Input Match of Low Noise Amplifiers.


bullet Microwave Product Digest - LNA Design Article: Unique Software Automates the Design of Low Noise Amplifiers.


bullet Microwaves & RF - Designing Short High Q Resonators.  Shrinking a transmission line resonatorís length can improve its quality factor while saving valuable circuit board real estate.


bullet Microwaves & RF - Synthesis Plus Simulation Equals Enhanced Design ProcessThe combination of circuit synthesis and simulation functions within a common CAE design tool can greatly improve the RF/microwave design process.


bullet Microwave Product Digest - RF Design Software Combines Synthesis and Simulation.  Employing computer generated circuit synthesis before simulation speeds the design process.

bullet Microwave Product Digest - RF Design Tool.  LINC2 tool automatically matches two ports simultaneously for both active and passive devices.

bullet High Frequency Electronics - Tools for Measurement, Analysis and Design of Differential Networks and Balanced circuits.  Use LINC2 with a VNA (vector network analyzer) to measure differential impedances and automatically synthesize balanced matching networks.


bullet Applied Microwave & Wireless - LNA Design Uses Series Feedback to Achieve Simultaneous Low Input VSWR and Low Noise.


bullet Microwave Journal Feature Article: New Synthesis and Simulation Software...
FAST, a new software package created by ACS and available from Artech House, Inc.
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